Craig Howard and Son are one of Tasmania's finest timber furniture craftsmen. Working with the world renowned Tasmanian special species timbers.

With over 40 years experience, we source our timber through Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) who are apart of the chain of custody.  We respect the need to sustainably harvest. We want our industry to be still here in the next century and centuries to come. We ourselves proudly mill, air- and kiln-dry all of the special species timber we use.



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An Ingenious New Timber Building Product from Tasmania

Tassie Thick Veneer can be between 3 – 4mm thick and produced from any Tasmanian renewable timber. And because it’s a thick veneer, it retains the depth and aesthetic qualities of real wood, unlike traditional, wafer-thin veneers. It's an eco-friendly THICK veneer of solid timber.


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