Thick Tassie Veneer

An Ingenious New Timber Building Product from Tasmania

The best ideas are always the simplest – and this new product is no exception. It promises to revolutionise aspects of the building and construction industry. Tassie Thick Veneer is an eco-friendly THICK veneer of solid timber which, when fixed to a substrate of fire retardant, high insulation polystyrene, will innovate building construction in Australia. Its strength is incredible. So too is its thermal and acoustic capacity. Tassie Thick Veneer can be between 3 – 4mm thick and produced from any Tasmanian renewable timber. And because it’s a thick veneer, it retains the depth and aesthetic qualities of real wood, unlike traditional, wafer-thin veneers. That also makes it easy to maintain and repair by simply sanding back and resurfacing – time and time again! Tassie Thick Veneer is ideal for a wide range of building industry applications from wall dividers and ceiling panels to flooring.


  • Aesthetic, high quality appearance
  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Durable and sturdy for long lasting application
  • High compression strength
  • Long-term retained R-values
  • Australian made, including its fire retardant substrate
  • Environmentally friendly (renewable timber and HCFC-free substrate)
  • KPA rated to suit a wide range of building applications

Polystyrene Substrate – Physical Properties

The following chart sets out the physical properties of the polystyrene substrate. Of course, the combination of the Tassie Thick Veneer and the substrate significantly enhances all the listed specifications for the substrate itself.

Min. compression strength at 10% deformation measured parallel to rise240 – 350 kPa
Cross breaking strength, min.375 kPa
Rate of vapour transmission, max. Measured parallel to rise at 23˚C, dry conditions100 Ug/m2s
Max. dimensional stability of length, width and thickness; 7 days at 70˚C, dry conditions.1.0%
Flame propagationcharacteristics
median flame duration max.
eighth value, max.
median volume retained
eighth value, min.
  • 1.5 S
  • 2.5 S
  • 70 S
  • 60 S

Min. thermal resistance (50mm sample):

at a mean temperature of 25˚C

1.74 m2k/W
Water absorption, max.1.7 % vol/vol

Nominal Density (kg/m3) 35 – 40 Thermal Resistance (m2k/W)

  • Thickness 30mm: 1.04R
  • Thickness 50mm: 1.74R
  • Thickness 75mm: 2.61R

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