Natural Timber Table Tops

Each Handcrafted Piece Tells a Story of Expertise and Dedication So You Can Continue Your Own Story

Welcome to Craig Howard and Son. We have a deep love for the craft of timber furniture making and are thrilled to showcase our range of bespoke table tops that will elevate your space. The timeless appeal and versatility of our natural timber table tops spark endless conversations and continue our love of oral history.

Benefits of Timber Table Tops

Our wood table tops are more than just surfaces – they are works of art that bring durability, beauty, and unique characteristics to your home. Each piece adds a touch of warmth, sophistication, and a connection to nature, creating a truly inviting space. No matter your style, our timber table tops effortlessly complement a variety of settings and design aesthetics.

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Types of Timber Table Tops

From the rich elegance of Oak to the warm, golden grain of Tasmanian Blackwood and the timeless charm of Mahogany, we utilise a range of wood types to craft our table tops. Each wood carries its own visual appeal, boasting unique grains and colours that make every piece one-of-a-kind. Get inspired by exploring our Tasmanian Timber range.

Round Timber Table Tops

There’s an undeniable charm to round timber table tops that reaches far beyond their visual appeal. Their popularity continues to grow, thanks to their aesthetic appeal and ability to foster social gatherings. The round shape, with its gentle curve, has a captivating allure, effortlessly inviting conversation and creating an atmosphere where every interaction feels included and connected.

Whether it’s a lively dinner party or an intimate gathering with loved ones, a round wooden table top becomes the heart of the space, fostering a welcoming atmosphere that is truly unforgettable.

Hardwood Table Tops

When it comes to strength, durability, and longevity, nothing compares to hardwood table tops. Crafted from carefully selected Tasmanian hardwoods, these table tops are designed to withstand the test of time while exuding a natural beauty that only improves with age.

Enquire about the various hardwood options we offer, each with its own distinct characteristics that will make a statement in your home.

Solid Wood Table Tops

At Craig Howard and Son, we believe in using solid wood table tops over veneer or laminate options. The craftsmanship and quality achieved with solid wood cannot be replicated. Each piece tells a story, showcasing the expertise and dedication that goes into our work.

We source our timber through Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STT) and acknowledge the importance of sustainably harvesting timber to ensure our industry’s longevity, not just for the next century but also for centuries to come.

Enhance Your Space with Premium Wood Surfaces

Our natural timber table tops offer a unique and captivating way to enhance your space. With durability, beauty, and versatility at the forefront of our designs, we look forward to bringing your design to life. Transform your home with premium wood surfaces that are crafted with love, expertise, and a commitment to timeless craftsmanship.

Contact us today and experience the craftsmanship of Craig Howard and Son.

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